WERMUT "MEDIA IN VITA IN MORTE SUMUS" (Cintas Triangulares - Tape)

WERMUT - MEDIA IN VITA IN MORTE SUMUSA compilation of rare, out-of-print and unreleased material from WERMUT's early period. Featuring the track with NATURE MORTE "Two Faces", made for the Winter Solstice Compilation (Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum).

A1 Vom Baum Am Berge I
A2 Hoffnung
A3 Quand La Nuit Tombe
A4 Lucia's Song
A5 Es Kommt Ein Tag
A6 Eli Eli
A7 Mag Unser Sein
A8 Sombres De Sang
A9 The Wild Hunt
A10 Vom Baum Am Berge II
A11 An Die Natur
A12 On The Telephone
A13 Together
A14 Away
B1 Media In Vita Morte Sumus
B2 Nicole
B3 Song For René
B4 Karsten Obarki's End Theme
B5 Gracias Jesus (Neue Ordnung Mix)
B6 Aigres Roses
B7 J'Avance Auprés de Toi
B8 Two Faces (Feat. Nature Morte)
B9 Our Demise
B10 Benedicite
B11 Media In vita In Morte Sumus (Reprise)