Various Artists : "Trame du Temps"

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Trame du Temps
(autoprod, LP - black vinyl - 8 previously unreleased tracks - lim. edition of 267 hand-numbered copies)

Featuring: BBRC, Ronan Le Déroff, United 79, Nature Morte, Sorc'henn, Dunkelheit, Ovil Kton, Detrusor

Texte alternatif

"Excellent ambient-noise-drone compilation featuring 8 artists from Brittany, some already well known in the field like RLD, Nature Morte or Sorc'henn, others still relative newcomers. Succeding where so many samplers fail, it shows an astonishing unity of style and mood, almost as coherent as an album would be. Giving a sonic shape to claustrophobic blackness with only the slightest nuances of dark grey here and there, it slowly and surely engulfs the listener like an inky whirlpool. Noir c'est noir.." (T)reue um (Treue)

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