Nature Morte / Ronan Le Déroff : "L'Arbre Carré / Le Voyage des Ténébrants Marins"

NATURE MORTE / RONAN LE DÉROFF - "L'Arbre Carré / Le Voyage des Ténébrants Marins"
(Midi à ma porte # MD01, 7" EP - Clear vinyl - in tissue paper wrap - 1 insert - 2 tracks - lim. ed. 300, hand-numbered)

Texte alternatif

"A fan of the bands drew our attention to this small gem (released on a small French label), which was immediately voted best ambient discovery of the year by the whole TuT/RuR team ! The delicate sound volutes sculpted by these two French projects (did I say French? Sorry I meant Breton of course), interweaving deep atmospheric soundscapes and soft white-noise, could be described as a meeting between His Divine Grace and Les Joyaux De La Princesse. A true enchantment and a must-have for all fans of dark drone music. Very highly recommended." (T)reue um (Treue)