Nature Morte / Jeanne Montségur : "Restes d'une chose brisée"JEANNE MONTSÉGUR / NATURE MORTE : "RESTES D¹UNE CHOSE BRISÉE" (RuR025 / NP02)
10" black vinyl + 3 silver-printed black cardboard inlays, in special fold-out sleeve. Comes in 12 different cover versions.
Total edition of 191 hand-numbered copies.

"More than just a record, Restes d¹une chose brisée is the outcome of an intimate collaboration between music and writing. Based on a series of twelve short texts by young French writer Jeanne Montségur, this symbiotic work unfolds like a Dantesque journey. On each step of the way Nature Morte¹s abyssal drones echo the desperate intensity and ruthless honesty of Jeanne¹s words, opening her wounds to chasms, sustaining the inner conflict and the baring of feelings by an almost unbearable tension which, when it finally breaks, strikes the listener as surely as the incisiveness of her words. At the end of the voyage there is hope, seeping between the lines and through the grooves as the drones recede and give way to luminous reeds, leaving the reader-listener shaken, colder and gloomier than before, but maybe a little wiser too." (Reue um Reue)

Restes d¹une chose brisée is a collaboration between Reue um Reue and La Nébuleuse Pourpre.

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Review on Black Magazin (web) by Marco Fiebag & on Black Magazin (paper edition) by Michael Flach
Further info : Jeanne Montségur's first novel "Calidus Sanguis" has just been released on Les Presses Littéraires.