Nature Morte / Ô Paradis : "Nos Coeurs Expulsés"

NATURE MORTE / Ô PARADIS : "Nos Coeurs Expulsés" (Disques de Lapin - LPN23)
CD-R Album -  handmade wallet (constructed out of Nepalese lokta paper) with 2 pins.

Texte alternatif

"Here comes an unexpected and totally intriguing collaboration : that of the Breton master of aftermath-soundscapes Nature Morte and Catalonian industrial-crooner Ô Paradis. What can such a collaboration sound like? Well, it sounds like a dream journey on dark, gloomy waters: the sea is an endless grey, you are lost in clouds and storm-heavy drones, and here and there, as you least expect it, a ghost ship comes out of the fog, bringing a wisp of melody like a long-forgotten lullaby, the phantom of a flamenco rhythm, the echo of Demian's oh so unmistakable voice, a glimpse of Mediterranean sun or rather its opalescent reflection on the water surface, and then and again the ethereal siren songs of the female guest vocalists. It sounds like the skeletal remains of warm summer songs adrift on a styxian river: eerie, precious and strangely beautiful." (T)reue um (Treue)

Review in Obsküre magazine # 3 (French) / Review on Heathen Harvest (English) / Review on KulturTerrorismus (German)