Nature Morte / DouleurFantome : "When Trees Fall Down"

DOULEURFANTOME / NATURE MORTE - "When Trees Fall Down" (rur023)
(C40 audio cassette - professionally duplicated, with 2-flap inlay - lim. ed. of 151 hand-numbered copies)

Texte alternatif

"When Trees Fall Down is the sonic encounter of Douleurfantome and Nature Morte. Two projects, two styles, but the same raw and dark emotions, the same need to express and transcend sadness, anger, frustration and the darkness around. For Douleurfantome, it is through the steady power and fragile violence of subtle noise-drones compositions, using feedback distortions and distant metallic melodies hazed in loads of digital filters, hanging in the air like electricity before a storm. At first glance, Nature Morte’s approach seems softer, more organic, but the omen of violence is there too, beneath the surface, in the gloom and mystery of the dark slo-mo, almost orchestral ambient, only a step away from the gaping chasm. On this release, each alone on the same journey, their paths cross, collide, diverge and cross again, and on two tracks they meet, in the middle of a wood of falling trees, where the forest of human emotions is at its darkest." (T)reue um (Treue)

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