Icy Breath On Burning Flesh

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Icy Breath On Burning Flesh
(CD, serigraphed cardboard cover - lim. edition of 500 copies)

Drahomira Song Orchestra / Dawn & Dusk Entwined / Beyond Sensory Experience / Quattrophage
Hermann Kopp / Les Hauts De Plafond / De Mange Machine / Denis Frajerman / David Oliphant / Nihiltronix
France Sauvage / Nature Morte : "Affaibli" / Vladimír Hirsch / Ilitch

Texte alternatif

"Even though we have worked in the past on books written in French accompanied with a CD like « Aux Limites du Son » (La Volte, 2006). The compilation «Douche Froide series vol. 1 : Icy breath on burning flesh » is the first official compilation we issue. Douche Froide is a French radio show, created in 2003, and we have decided to celebrate our years of activity through a series of CD-compilations/silk-screen printed art-objects (real Cds not CDRs). The first volume is now available and contains 76 minutes of unreleased songs by 14 international artists ranging from post-industrial muzak to dark drone ambient and from symphonic avant-garde to minimal electronics."

Audio samples are coming soon.