C60 professional Chrome Plus tape - silk-screened transparent shell - 4-panel J-card - in norelco case - lim. ed. of 100 hand-numbered copies


"(cendres) is the first proper long player in seven years from the Breton drone lord and finds NATURE MORTE attempting an even bleaker and more eschatological sound. The shadowy and ominous music unwinds languorously, leading the way through some deep dark and fearful passage. Here and then in the midst of all that crepuscular fogginess some sweetly mournful and hypnotic melodies shed a dim light on what once was. Everything beloved and familiar has been reduced to ashes and the sinister cinematic drones act like a psychopomp guiding the listener through the desolate wasteland. Until accomplishment is reached and the journey begins anew. Featuring Thierry Jolif of LONSAI MAÏKOV on one track." (T)reue um (Treue


"A full hour of harrowing drones and bleak landscape"


Review (Black)


NATURE MORTE / Ô PARADIS : "Nos Coeurs Expulsés" (Disques de Lapin - LPN23)

CD-R Album -  handmade wallet (constructed out of Nepalese lokta paper) with 2 pins.


"Here comes an unexpected and totally intriguing collaboration : that of the Breton master of aftermath-soundscapes Nature Morte and Catalonian industrial-crooner Ô Paradis. What can such a collaboration sound like? Well, it sounds like a dream journey on dark, gloomy waters: the sea is an endless grey, you are lost in clouds and storm-heavy drones, and here and there, as you least expect it, a ghost ship comes out of the fog, bringing a wisp of melody like a long-forgotten lullaby, the phantom of a flamenco rhythm, the echo of Demian's oh so unmistakable voice, a glimpse of Mediterranean sun or rather its opalescent reflection on the water surface, and then and again the ethereal siren songs of the female guest vocalists. It sounds like the skeletal remains of warm summer songs adrift on a styxian river: eerie, precious and strangely beautiful." (T)reue um (Treue)


Review (Heathen Harvest)


DOULEURFANTOME / NATURE MORTE - "When Trees Fall Down" (rur023)

(C40 audio cassette - professionally duplicated, with 2-flap inlay - lim. ed. of 151 hand-numbered copies)


"When Trees Fall Down is the sonic encounter of Douleurfantome and Nature Morte. Two projects, two styles, but the same raw and dark emotions, the same need to express and transcend sadness, anger, frustration and the darkness around. For Douleurfantome, it is through the steady power and fragile violence of subtle noise-drones compositions, using feedback distortions and distant metallic melodies hazed in loads of digital filters, hanging in the air like electricity before a storm. At first glance, Nature Morte’s approach seems softer, more organic, but the omen of violence is there too, beneath the surface, in the gloom and mystery of the dark slo-mo, almost orchestral ambient, only a step away from the gaping chasm. On this release, each alone on the same journey, their paths cross, collide, diverge and cross again, and on two tracks they meet, in the middle of a wood of falling trees, where the forest of human emotions is at its darkest." (T)reue um (Treue)


Review (Black)



NATURE MORTE - "(nuées)" -  (rur011)

LP - grey marbled vinyl - lim. edition of 222 hand-numbered copies


"Time to take another deep, deep breath and open your inner eye... You are standing on the cliffs at the end of the world, looking upon the abandoned ruins of a rainy and stormy aftermath. A bitter sense of loss and solitude washes over you, and yet you feel the comfort of some distant paradise lost. You see clouds drifting apart as cones of sunlight fall on the remains of what once was. You are in the world of (nuées) : four long, highly emotional and hypnotic ambient pieces, which will leave you speechless as the reverberated strings, reeds and whispered voices immerge you into a pool of celestial sadness." (T)reue um (Treue)


Review (Enfant Terrible) / Review (Terrorverlag)



NATURE MORTE - "(recluse)" - (rur006)

(CD in digipak + 5 inserts - lim. edition of 333 hand-numbered copies)


"Take a deep, deep breath. Forget your surroundings and concentrate on the throb of the pendulum slowly disappearing in the mists of mineral drones…  on the count of ten you will awake in the world of (recluse). A lunar world, both cool and emotional, filled with organ and free-reed soundscapes, rustling, swirling and simmering drones and celestial harmonies which take you back to a primeval and elemental state. Feel like a rock in the middle of the ocean or a fossilised oak tree in a dark ancestral wood as Nature Morte’s nightfall music soothingly flows around you, both feather light and heavy with secrets. Air, water, earth, fire. Aether. A majestic debut for this French one-man-project, which presents here his first official full-length release." (T)reue um (Treue)


Review (Terrorverlag)




(autoproduction, CDR - 10 tracks - hand-numbered limited edition of 73 copies)


"Nature Morte's self-produced, extra-limited eponymous CDR, recorded back in 2001 and featuring the project's very first creations. The way it all began..." (T)reue um (Treue)


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