Dear all,
is very proud to feature in a new aniversary compilation, this time celebrating the 10 years of existence of DISQUES DE LAPIN !

New track = "Liées" (feat. Demian)

UBILLE JAMBOREE - 10 YEARS OF TUT/RURCelebrate 10 years of Disques de Lapin with this cassette-based kit. Coming in a screen printed pink envelope, this cassette includes nearly 2 hours of music, a pin and an informative instruction manual.

Comando Suzie / 1997EV / Escama Serrada / Naevus / Ô Paradis / Microloop / Thomas Nöla / David E. Williams / ETC.

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COMING NEXT : FULL LENGTH ALBUM "(cendres)" on Reue Um Reue (Tape)